My art is a celebration of joy.

A spark of magic to brighten the day.

My path to vibrant living and an invitation for you to join me.

For me, painting is akin to breathing. It keeps me alive and keeps me centered. It’s an integral part of my soul expressed externally. And it’s made all the more potent because I get to share it with you.

Most mornings, I wake up before the sun. I drive twenty minutes into town to get a decaf soy latte and welcome the sunrise. I return to my studio, light a candle for those needing prayers, and do my daily meditation. Then, the fun begins.

I stand in front of the canvas, palms together and head bowed, as I ask the universe to guide me.

I deeply believe that each painting is meant for a specific person, and that it is the Universe working through me to create that piece for them.

I greet the canvas as a friend I share a secret with, and smile as we begin our journey.

Sometimes I take a brush and scrawl my meditation in black paint across the bright white — a first layer emerging. My music rings out from the speakers and my mind eases into a day of creation.

Each layer informs the next. A richness of textures offers glimpses of the stories beneath. I use whatever I can get my hands on — everyday objects invited into the exchange of color, texture, and movement.

Around the seventh layer I retire to my overstuffed chair — away from my wall of paintings in progress. I gently survey the pieces from this new distance.

It is then when the figures come into view. From the layers appear images distinct and unmistakable, as if they’ve been there all along, just waiting for my eyes to adjust to their presence. The seemingly abstract layers of paint and marks take shape on their own and from where I sit, next to my candles and words of inspiration, I see them — courageous women, brilliant butterflies, creatures and kindreds.

I follow their lead as they guide me towards the completion of the painting. Their shapes becoming more defined, the colors more brilliant.

Often, the paintings have as many as ten layers when they are completed. Those with recognizable forms are my Figurative Mash-Ups — a combination of abstract and literal. Some remain shapes and textures even until the end, they are so beautiful in their abstraction. These are my Non-Objectives.