Going Green - Cyd RustI’m turning green.

No, I’m not sick.

No I’m not covered with green paint.

Nor have I turned into a frog.

I have implemented changes to my painting practices that are more environmentally friendly.

I am sharing these as they could easily be implemented by anyone.

3 Simple ways artists can “Go Green”

1.  Keep a “green” canvas.

This is a canvas next to my working area. It has no purpose at the time, other than to give me a place to wipe excess paint off my brushes and palette.

The colors of the paints don’t even matter, as they will eventually be covered up.

This practice not only keeps excess paint from going down the drain into ground waters…

But it has the benefit of adding texture to my canvases.

This practice is not just good for the environment, but it helps get rid of the “fear of the white canvas” nerves too.

2. Use less paper products.

I use a glass palette instead of a paper one when I can, and it is amazingly easy to clean.

I use inexpensive rough washcloths instead of paper towels whenever it is possible.

I am finding this change actually removes unwanted paint from my canvases much easier and better.

The best part is, once the acrylic has dried, they are not harmful to the environment to launder.

This practice saves trees and the ground waters, and is helping to improve the quality of my art.

It also saves me a little money not having to purchase so many paper towels.

This is a true win-win for me and the environment.

3. Recycle paint containers.

When the paint in a smaller container is used up, I wash it out and store it.

Now when I purchase paints, I order the bulk sizes.

For example: Titanium White and Carbon Black, which I use the most of…I now buy by the gallon. These are then transferred to smaller recycled containers for ease of use.

This practice not only saves me money, but it keeps from putting the plastic containers out into the landfills.

Sure, this takes a few minutes. And sometimes I make a mess.

But the mess ends up on my “green canvas”.  It all works together.

I’m proud of the steps I have taken to go green.

I can hold my head up and know I am doing my best to protect the planet.

I would love to know what other artist’s are doing to help preserve the environment.

If you have a good tip. Please comment and let us all know.

Being Green Isn’t So Bad ♥ ~ Cyd