Artist Jeanne Mackenzie working on overlay on Spring Pasture

Artist Jeanne Mackenzie working on overlay on Spring Pasture

When I walked into my studio Sunday, I knew I needed help.

Some of the paintings I had been working on had dried while I was out ill, I didn’t know what to do, and to be quite honest, I’d lost my mojo. In fact that’s putting it mildly, I had hit the wall. For some reason, my focus had just disappeared.

In less than an hour of being there, I had sent out a call for help to fellow artist and instructor Jeanne MacKenzie. And serendipity stepped in.Jeanne is an amazing oil painter, but what made her the perfect person to call, unbeknownst to me at that moment, was the fact that Daniel Smith had been developing their own line of “water miscible oil paints”. And Jeanne had been asked to test them!

So she had already learned a lot about the use of the paints partly via experimentation, and partly from a direct line to the manufacturer. She could not only help me with the art of painting questions, but with my questions about the paint themselves!

The call only got better. It turned out Jeanne and I both had a few hours on Monday morning free! If you had a clue what either of our schedules looked like, you would truly appreciate how amazing this was.

Jeanne showed up at my studio Monday morning, and we proceeded to do our typical “walk through” of all my recent pieces. I find having her critique them for me, gives me great ideas for what could be done differently with future works.

The final hour we sat down with my  painting “Spring Pasture”. And that is when the lesson went from discussion to demonstration.  Below is “Spring Pasture” as I painted it.

Spring Pasture Oil Finger Painting

11″ x 14″
Finger Painted Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

We covered the entire painting with acetate sheets, put the original photo away so it wouldn’t come into play, and Jeanne gave me a quick lesson on composition and colors. Showing me how she would actually alter the landscape and adjust the colors to create more interest, while at the same time relaying and demonstrating the knowledge she had accumulated for working with the water miscible oils.

Cyd Rust's "Spring Pasture" with the vellum overlay taped on it, and painted by Jeanne MacKenzie during our lesson.

Cyd Rust’s “Spring Pasture” with the acetate sheets overlay taped on it, and painted upon by Jeanne MacKenzie during our lesson.

It is always so fun to watch her paint. She mixes colors so quickly, and applies them so deftly. To watch her doing this with my own paints was awesome and as always inspiring. The overlay turned out truly stunning as you can see.

But most importantly, Jeanne seems to know how to tap into what I love doing, and how to get me motivated, so be watching for some new finger paintings.

I am so glad I put out the call for help, and even more grateful that Jeanne answered.

I need to get going now. Heading out to the studio.
Have a wonderful week.♥ ~ Cyd


 Never be afraid to ask for help. We all need it at some point. ♥


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