Testing Blue Gloves

Testing Blue Gloves

Let’s go shopping!

Aisle Two…Gloves.

Since I am going to be finger painting I need gloves.

No matter what medium an artist decides to use, most likely the paints do have heavy metal content paints. i.e. quinacridones, cadmiums and cobalts. It’s really not the best idea to be dipping your fingers in those, so I need to find some gloves.

Now being a sculptor also, I have to say, the glove thing is hard for me, but it is better than getting cancer or kidney failure because I wasn’t careful. Plus, who wants to be washing their hands every two minutes to scrub off nasty chemicals. I’d much rather be wiping off gloves with a paper towel, or just throwing the darn things away and putting on a fresh pair.

I discovered, there is actually an art involved in selecting the right gloves, and it requires the need to test a number of different sizes and types. You can’t just go buy a box of gloves and be done. Not unless a person is very very lucky.

As an artist, I need gloves to fit just right, not too big and not too small. Think of it as the “Goldilocks” test.

Those “one size fits all” might be perfectly fine for varnishing, but I don’t want the ends bending over and scraping into my freshly painted areas.  (Don’t get me wrong,  scrapes in paint can look great, but I don’t want them there unless it’s deliberate, or a happy accident.)

If gloves too small they can rip. If they are too tight, they can actually cut off circulation to your fingers or wrists.

I am finding they need to be fairly thick. When they are too thin, the paint works right through them to your hands. Why bother wearing gloves if you have to keep washing your hands anyway. Right?

The pair I like the best so far, I swiped from my Doctor on my last visit. LOL. Hey,what can I say, I was getting desperate. But so far I haven’t been able to find anywhere that carries that brand.

I have a new box of pretty purple gloves just waiting for me to get back to the studio and test drive. Hopefully they will be the ones.

It’s time to be done with all this testing of gloves, and get back to creating art.

Hugs ~ Cyd ♥



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