Have you heard the phrases Objective and Non-Objective art thrown around, but you didn’t know the difference?

Here is a quick lesson to help you:

Clear your mind of everything.  Focus on a dot out in space and try not to think of anything for as long as you can.  Ready, set…go!

The minute you thought of an object.. be it a tree, water flowing, your kids, a dog, a seashell, the news, almost anything … your thoughts became “objective”.

How did you do?

You have just learned how very difficult it is to complete a non-objective piece of art before the real world steps in.

I hope this fun little exercise will help you be able to tell the difference between objective and non-objective art a little more easily. And now that you know how thoughts creep in……you just might be able to tell if a piece is truly non-objective or if just maybe, the real world crept in on the creator. (We will keep that our little secret) *grin* ~ Cyd