Aspen Song
© 2012 Cyd Rust
4″ x 4″ x 1.5″
Original Oil Painting on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
A Project 50 Painting

I have so many images of Aspen Groves I have shot over the years, that I decided to stay on that subject for at least one more painting. I thought it would be fun to experiment even more with the palette knifes to try different textures and mixes of color on a single knife…to go “bigger”.

When you are standing inside an Aspen Grove, there are the most wonderful sounds of the wind and leaves whispering.The Groves are magical places, made even more so as fall nears and the turning leaves fall and drop adding to the melodies.

I chose the name Aspen Song for this one, as to me it visually captures all the sounds that happen during that beautiful season.