IMPRINTS  © Cyd Rust
24″ x 24″ x 1.5″
Acrylic and Metallic Acrylics on Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

IMPRINTS was a long time in the making. It developed gradually, Layer upon Layer.

I believe this painting, more than any other to date has helped me find my true style.

I started out with turquoise. I was thinking of my Grandfather that day. He was part gemologist, and part old-fashioned rock hound. He ruled the basement of the house.

A talented man, who knew his way around everything from cutting diamonds, to designing and creating mosaic wood boxes, to leather tooling.  I loved it in his “realm”, where all kinds of treasures resided.

He was the one that taught me to carve stone. And to this day, in my “treasure chest” is a tiny horse head in quartz, I carved at about the age of 12.

My first sculpture. A beautiful little horse with one missing ear…where sadly, I cut to close to the edge. But I am still proud of that accomplishment as much as he was I think.

Anyway back to the turquoise paint. That got me to thinking how it often has browns or golds in it. I can remember the slices of stone being lifted dripping wet out of the saw, and the colors were almost alive.

I added golds and browns to the painting. 

As more layers were added, I lightly added the marks found on stone that had somehow mixed in during their centuries on earth.

And I was still thinking about turquoise.

Then I started making other types of marks. Perhaps marks that mankind had made on that stone over those centuries.

Marks inspired by humanities footsteps left upon the earth. It just seemed right.

It was days later, when I stepped back and knew it was done.

IMPRINTS had emerged.

Somewhere I know my Grandaddy is smiling down on me. Because it is still turquoise.

And I found my way.

My miniature irises and crocuses are blooming, safely nestled under lavender plants.

Spring is on its way.  And yes, Dancing is happening again in the studio!

Have a wonderful week

Hugs ♥ ~ Cyd