Today was our weekly Photo shoot. This was one of the most exciting days ever in over a decade of going to Rocky Mountain National Park. We saw our first bear there in 14 years! We were able to get off quite a few shots with both our cameras. Unfortunately, he kept moving, and the light was just not great for photo shoots. But we got a few reference photos for me to use for painting….and perhaps one or two for my son to sell as photographs.

I glimpsed the bear on our way up the mountains, and wondered what it was…we watched for a while but could only see glimpses, so thought it was a mountain lion. We just weren’t able to get a good look. We were so lucky to get to see him again on our way down the mountain…and would have missed him entirely if there weren’t already cars stopped. This little guy was wearing camouflage too. I am going to ask a ranger about that. He had some really long hair and some normal short hair. I don’t know why it would be so different in the extreme heat of summer. But then the bears have been acting weird this year. One actually went through the local outdoor art shows a few weeks ago. He wanted to see the bear sculptures is what I heard. *grin*