Reds In Discord -BlogThe Dance Continues.

This last week, I took one of the 30″ x 40″ canvases I had started, and decided to continue enjoying the dance of the previous week, along with its color play, but on a larger scale.

The results overwhelmed me.

The palette changed dramatically from the pastels of Monet, to a hot, spicy blend of reds, oranges and magentas.

But this time, a little tip I picked up while working on Double Shot, also came into play.

Like many of my paintings, Double Shot started out as an analogous painting. Meaning all the colors sat next to each other on the color wheel, except for one complimentary.

But thanks to fellow artist Patti Andre, when I was working on Double Shot,  I was gifted with a little knowledge on how to use discord colors to pop a painting. In that painting it meant adding tiny dabs of green and orange to the predominantly blue color scheme.

While dancing through the fire of this newest painting’s reds, I decided to add a little discord to create even more interest.

Can you see the pink dancing through it? The blue? The subtle golds? The greens? All diminutive in nature, playing second fiddle to the brilliance of the brighter tones. Yet enhancing the harmony, with the short notes of discord.

I find this piece fascinating. The more I look at it, the more it is like cloud watching. I see unintentional images everywhere. It is almost hypnotic, the way the numerous layers create images peaking through the layers above.

What images will you find, I wonder?

Have a wonderful first week of September! Seasons are changing and here in the States, the leaves will soon begin their own colorful dance.

Find inspiration in your own life…and don’t forget to Dance!

~ Cyd

Reds In Discord is a 30″ x 40″ Intuitive Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas