Finger Painting in Oils, No.1 by Cyd Rust


My first Finger Painting in Oils is completed. What an experiment!

I learned so much. Far more than I ever would have thought possible from one painting. My plan had been to take these babies for a test ride, to see just what they could do. I had no idea what I was in for.

I decided to use Blue Silo from the Project 50 Paintings as something of a reference point. So I would be able to make a comparison in color mixing, and paint strokes. Perhaps not the wisest choice, using a 4″ x 4″ acrylic brushed painting for a template for a 24″ x 24″ finger painting in oil. oh well. That was a lesson in itself.

Nor had I realized just how hard it was going to be to match the delicate coloring and brush strokes on that little mini, in finger painted oils. But that is what this journey is all about. How to take oils, and make quality fine art finger paintings.

I can tell you right now however, I love fingerpainting!

 It is fun, it bends if not breaks most of the formal rules just by it’s very nature, and there is no clean up. I really like the no clean up. No more wasting an hour of studio time cleaning brushes and palettes. Now that hour can be used how it should be…painting.

I am pleased with this first effort. I learned a lot of what I can and can not do. My next step will be to take these lessons and break them down into steps to experiment with further, to see just how far I can push the limits of the paint and finger painting techniques.

After all, art is not about the finished product as much as it is about the journey to get there. I think this is going to be quite the journey. It’s going to be messy, and colorful, and fun, and unique. I can’t wait, and by the time you are reading this, I will be back in the studio playing with my paints.

Have a great week! Spring is just around the corner.

♥ ~ Cyd


Whitehead Quote - freedom to experiment