blog-starbuck-cydrustI had a very, very, very, early morning meeting at ye local Starbucks, to discuss the Regional Juried Art Show I was selected to chair.

Did you get yet it was VERY early? I am not even certain I had brushed my hair. I had no makeup on and was in my super almost pajama-comfy painting duds. Not my most professional look.

As we chatted about the show, a couple walked in. The woman came over to our table to talk to my companion. It turned out she was the web developer for two of the galleries and art associations I  belonged too. We had spoken numerous times but never met in person.
She told me how much she greatly admired my work, and was overwhelmingly complimentary. With all the art she deals with on a daily basis, besides being an artist herself, it was the ultimate compliment. Her words definitely had me ready to go hit the studio.
When she left to go sit with her husband, I overheard her whisper to him very excitedly…”That is Cyd Rust!!”
I am still grinning.