StudioRemake - Blog9-16-14When we built my sculpture studio, we never would have dreamed it would need to be revamped. I loved my studio it was perfect. But with the changes in my art styles, it was time for a studio remake.

Ever since I started working on the large intuitive paintings, I have had one painting hanging on the wall and two or more resting on the floor. It was becoming a little to much like an obstacle course in there, and a dangerous one at that.

So we have spent the last few months rearranging the studio to make everything work more efficiently. And hopefully remove any obstacles waiting to trip me, from the floor.

We moved my little sofa table that had held art magazines and floral arrangement models off the back wall. Along with the matching cabinet that houses small frames, easels, etc.

Then we moved all the flat files from the side wall, to the back wall of the studio. I had to partially block one of my full wall sculpting mirrors to do it, but it looks great. With my desk, and the two sets of flat files going side to side, they fit perfectly in the space with barely an inch to spare.

On the larger flat file, you could lay a 48 inch wide canvas on it’s top. My wonderful husband made me a matching drying rack to set there. So now instead of having the space to store one painting, the rack can hold 14-15 large paintings.

The smaller flat file is now snugged between it and the wall, and has become the perfect place to store blank canvases. Currently there are about 40 canvases of various sizes on it, waiting to be painted. The entire arrangement looks like it was planned to be this way, it fits the space so perfectly.

With the flat files gone from the side wall, my favorite part of the renovation happened. We set screws in the wall to allow me to hang two large canvases up to 48 inches wide, or three smaller ones. (It is easier to paint the large intuitive pieces if they are hanging on the wall,rather then on an easel.)

My husband added track lighting, so I would have light above the area where the canvases are now hanging.

And remember that sofa table I had pulled out from the back wall? I placed it in between the two hanging canvases, had a piece of glass cut to cover it, taped the edges to prevent drips. And Voila, a wonderful gigantic palette that I can access from either side, depending on which painting I am working on at any given moment.

It’s taken a lot of work to turn a sculpture studio into a really nice painting studio. But I think we have done it!

But you know how renovations go, right? Once you start, your mind locks in that mode. I’m thinking maybe a skylight? *grin* Well, maybe later.

Have a wonderful day. I’m headed out to paint. ~ Cyd